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We are the Kyle concrete contractor in Kyle, TX and the surrounding areas for all your projects! A family owned business, Kyle Concrete Pros has a dedicated team specializing in all things concrete. Our extensive experience includes driveway construction, concrete patios, stonework, masonry, outdoor kitchens and concrete countertops.

Concrete is literally everywhere! Almost all building projects use concrete construction at some point in the building process. From highways to house foundations, concrete has been used to construct it. This is because it’s versatile, relatively inexpensive, and is capable of enduring even the most punishing of conditions.

Kyle Concrete Pros is the top Kyle, TX concrete contractor in the concrete construction business in Texas because we know all things concrete!

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Concrete Contractor in Kyle, TX

Surprisingly, concrete is not just one single material – it’s a mix of them. Simply put, concrete is made from cement and broken bits of stone or gravel, which is then mixed with water, creating a kind of glue.

Therefore, concrete is basically a kind of paste and rock that hardens on drying. It can then be shaped and molded while it’s still wet, but then becomes incredibly hard, strong, and durable after it’s dry. Just like magic!

Also, concrete has incredible weight-bearing abilities, and its durability makes it a go-to choice of material for builders from the ancient times to the modern-day. Today, it is capable of supporting huge amounts of weight without crumbling. Steel bars and mesh are added to the concrete before it hardens, because concrete tends to break when it bends.

This is why concrete is the most widely used substance on Earth.

Additionally, this why it is the foundation of modern development. Concrete slabs protect us from the elements, and puts roofs over our heads. It fortifies our defenses against natural disaster, and provides structures for energy, education, transport, healthcare, and industry.

Concrete provides us with structures that are durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Kyle Concrete Pros, the best concrete contractors, are proud to be part of this man-made concrete solidarity.

About Kyle Concrete Pros

We are a full-service concrete contractor in Kyle, TX. Kyle Concrete Pros are the professionals to contact if you are looking for anything to do with concrete. We service the following areas: Kyle, Buda, Austin, Schertz, Dripping Springs, San Marcos, and New Braunfels.

Whatever you have which requires concrete, perhaps a If you are in need of a concrete floor, driveway, a concrete patio, or retaining wall, call us. Rest assured we have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to perform whatever size job. And, we accomplish it at very competitive prices.

With the use of state-of-the-art equipment, high-quality materials, and machines, you can feel confident that we know our stuff when it comes to concrete. Contact us to build a walkway, concrete patio Kyle TX, driveway Kyle TX, sidewalk, or retaining walls. Additionally, we create beautiful fireplaces and stone stone work for your home or business. Therefore, Kyle Concrete Pros are the right professionals to contact because we have many years of experience in concrete work.

Our team offers stability and reliability. Additionally, we provide free estimates, and are fully bonded, licensed, and insured. With over decades of experience, Kyle Concrete Pros is the company to call!

Our Services

Kyle Concrete Pros provides the following services for residential and commercial concrete jobs in Kyle, TX. Hire our family-owned Kyle concrete contractor business for all your projects!

We pour concrete foundations and slabs in Kyle, TX. Additionally, call us if there are cracks in your slabs, foundation, or basement walls. We offer repairs to ensure no further damage and costs occur. Leaving cracks in your concrete foundations or slabs can lead to structural damage to your property. This results in loss of your real estate value and sometimes renders it unsafe. The longer you leave it, the more your foundation will sink, causing you further costly damage. Hairline cracks are the first indicator you could have a foundation problem, but if they grow any larger, get a professional to inspect the cracking.

There are lots of materials available to build patios, but concrete is the most traditional and versatile of all choices. First, it is smooth, and clean. Second, concrete has the flexibility to be cast and formed into curvilinear or geometric shapes. Last, with the adding of tints, it becomes anything other than the classic light gray we expect from concrete. Our Kyle, TX patios are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures. Additionally, when butted together, weeds don’t grow in between the pavers. For a smooth, level surface, nothing beats concrete. A patio is the ideal way to make the most of your backyard or and extend your living area.

Commercial Concrete Contractor

Commercial Concrete Contractor Kyle

Kyle Concrete Pros is a professional, industry-leading, Texas concrete contractor. We are an innovator in commercial services. Our Kyle, TX customers include a huge variety of clients, both large and small. Working on everything from parking lots, sidewalks, new home and commercial buildings, we do it all! Our practical knowledge and expertise, combined with our unparalleled quality control, make us a top choice for your foundational concrete project. Additionally, our commitment to upholding industry building standards keeps us a prominent front-runner throughout the state of Texas.

Stamped Concrete Walkways and Driveways

There are lots of ways of ensuring your concrete driveways, a new patio or walkway is more than just functional. Consider our decorative options. We provide Kyle, TX different colors, textural finishes, stencil, staining, and stamped concrete. Stamped concrete replicates other materials such as brick or slate. As you can see, your concrete driveway or concrete walkway can be aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

Our decorative concrete driveways, patios, and walkways are maintenance-free and add character and style to these usually practical areas of your home!

Outdoor Kitchens

If you fancy the idea of a backyard kitchen with cooking surfaces, sinks, bars, and lots of storage, then give us a call. Outdoor kitchens Kyle TX made of concrete are growing in popularity. They are both highly functional as well as having excellent entertainment value. Our concrete kitchens are desirable because of their low maintenance and a vast choice of design and decorative concrete options. Concrete counters don’t have grout lines, making them more hygienic. Additionally, shape and style concrete to suit your own style. And, concrete countertops are weather-resistant.


Stone Work

Stone Work Kyle TX

Our concrete services include work with other raw materials, like stone. Our highly trained stone masons happily undertake stonework for residential and commercial projects in Kyle, TX. We see these project through from concept and design, to manufacture, installation and completion. Kyle Concrete Pros combines traditional stonemasonry skills and expertise with modern design technology to create the best for our customers. Similar to our skills with concrete, our stonework creates structural materials for contemporary buildings and beautiful finished products.


Concrete Countertops

Our top concrete countertops offer you a completely customized, handcrafted surface. These are extremely popular in kitchens, bathrooms, and entertaining outdoor areas. Additionally, they are popular in restaurants and bars. This is because they couple functionality and beauty. Concrete countertops Kyle, TX are inherently durable and easy to clean and maintain. You can customize your countertop by choosing colors, shapes, edge profile, add embeds, or have polish for a shiny surface. Leave the counter top in concrete gray, or choose to have it replicate granite or wood. Perhaps you want a rustic look to your kitchen or a contemporary feel. We can change the extremely durable concrete kitchen countertop to suit your tastes and style. Kyle Concrete Pros are experts with decorative concrete.

Concrete Patio Kyle TX

Customer Reviews

  • ‘I am really impressed with the professional job Kyle Concrete Pros did for us. They are very efficient and friendly. We are very happy with the patio they made for us using decorative concrete. All our friends want one now. I highly recommend using this concrete company! Terry Blackhard – Austin, TX
  • Kyle Concrete Pros built an outdoor kitchen for our backyard, and we are very pleased with the finished result. The team was professional throughout the job, and the costs were very competitive. We love the work done.’ Sally and Peter Hay, Kyle, TX
  • ‘Our new driveway is really impressive, and we totally love it. We wanted a bigger driveway but didn’t know how it would look. Thanks to Kyle Concrete Pros, it blends in well and we’re very happy. Your team was efficient and thorough from beginning to end. We’re definitely going to recommend you guys to all our friends. Thank you!’ Bob Hardy, Buda, Texas

Our Customer Service

Kyle Concrete Pros prides ourselves on making satisfied customers. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal, whether we are working on a brand new concrete floor, or repairing concrete.

We make it our business to make every single one of our jobs personal.

If you are looking for a professional, high-quality residential and commercial concrete repair or concrete contractor service, call Kyle Concrete Pros.

We are the go-to Kyle concrete contractors regardless of what your requirement. We offer concrete repairs or a complete replacement. We’ll be able to provide you, our valued customer, with outstanding service.

Kyle Concrete Pros is a professional concrete business. Expertly operated, with many years of experience working in the Central Texas area. We are committed, ensuring that each project is completed efficiently. Our prices are competitive and we thoroughly communicate the details of every project.

We are a fully insured and licensed concrete company. Additionally, providing all of our customers with excellent service, professionalism, and an exemplary standard of craftsmanship is most important.

Our dedicated team of concrete specialists is passionate about concrete. The vast amount of expert experience in this business means we offer a wide range of services to all our customers. Therefore, if you want reliable, honest, and quality services, then call today. We offer a free consultation at 512-957-6562. Let’s discuss how we can help you with your project. You won’t find better concrete contractors in Texas!

Kyle, TX

The city of Kyle, TX is a great place to live. We enjoy a small town feeling with all the access to the big cities close by. Austin, TX is a short 20 minute drive north, and you can be in San Marcos, TX in 15 minutes driving south. Kyle is the Pie Capital of Texas. Eating pie when here is a must! Additionally, the City of Kyle has Kyle Market Days on Saturdays in the spring, hosting local vendors, restaurants and live music. Fall in love with the small town charm of Kyle, TX!